Directory of Teaching Resources for Faculty and Instructors

The Campus Teaching and Learning Board advised the creation of this directory.  It is an evolving document that stays current by responding to your suggestions and corrections.  Please send your suggested edits to:


Academies:  University of Illinois Teaching Academies

Accessibility for Information Technology: Make materials equally accessible to all your students

Assessment / Evaluation of Teaching

ICES (Instructor and Course Evaluation System)
Illinois Initiative on Transparency in Learning and Teaching
Informal Early Feedback

Assessment / Evaluation of Students’ Learning

Illinois Initiative on Transparency in Learning and Teaching
Machine-scannable Examination Services

Calendar of Events (monthly) for faculty and instructors sponsored by various campus units

Consultations for individual instructors and faculty

Discipline-specific teaching:  Teaching Academies’ directors/staff
General teaching: Center for Teaching Excellence
Teaching and Learning with Technology:  CITES 244-7000, or

Copying and Printing Services

Counseling Center Tips for Faculty and Staff

Disability Resources, Advice for Instructors

Educational Technology Support (See below, “Technology Support”)

Grants (Campus grants that support teaching development)

Academy for Entrepreneurial Leadership Faculty Fellows Program applications usually due in December.
Action Research.Illinois Seed Grants for Course Development, due mid-October
Grants for Advancement in Teaching Engineering, applications usually due in February
Grants to explore sites for developing short-term Faculty Led programs abroad, applications usually due in mid November ( for information)
Interdisciplinary Research and Education Initiative
IPRH Grants for teaching and Research

Provost's Initiative on Teaching Advancement (PITA), applications usually due in April
Public Engagement Grants, applicatons usually due in November
Teaching Advancement Board (TAB) Travel Grants, applications usually due in January
University Distinguished Teacher-Scholar Program, applications usually due in March
some individual Colleges and Schools offer fellowships or grants for teaching development projects

Listserv conversations about teaching and learning in higher education

University of Illinois Teaching and Learning Discussion List
Tomorrow’s Professor (national) 

Library Reserve Materials

Library Instruction Sessions


Faculty/Instructor Mentoring Groups
Mentoring Graduate Students
Preparing Future Faculty Courses at Illinois
Some Teaching Academies  and departments offer mentors for new faculty

Mid-career Faculty resources

Orientation for New Faculty and Instructors

Research on Learning and Teaching on Campus

Illinois Initiative on Transparency in Learning and Teaching
Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL)
Teaching Academies often engage in scholarship on teaching and learning
Council for Research in Music Education
Physics Education Research
College of Education Research and Scholarship
Technology Studies in Education Research Portal
Ubiquitous Learning Institute

Seminars, Reading Groups, Focus Groups

Faculty Seminar
Teaching Academies in the colleges/schools host discipline-specific groups
Center for Teaching Excellence reading groups
Division of Biomedical Sciences Faculty Development
EUI Ethnography of the University Initiative faculty cohort seminars
I-STEM Initiative faculty cohort
Illinois Informatics Institute
Mid-career Faculty Resources 
Service Learning and Scholarship of Engagement
Ubiquitous Learning Institute
Faculty and Instructors of Color (?)
Women Faculty and Instructors (?)


Faculty Forum (bi-annual, fall)
Faculty Retreat (annual, winter)
Faculty Summer Institute on Web-based teaching and learning

Teaching Timline

Technology Support

Campuswide educational technology support

CITES (Campus Info Technologies and Educational Services) 

Calendar of CITES workshops 
Educational technologies supported by CITES
Faculty Summer Institute (held in May) 

Computer Lab Reservations
FAST3 (Faculty and Staff Technology Training Team) workshops
Software at the University Web Store
Hardware at IStores

College-based educational technology support offices include:

College of ACES ITCS
College of Business Office for Information Management
College of Education Office of the Chief Information Officer
College of LAS ATLAS

Troubled Students

Counseling Center
Emergency Dean
Student Conflict Resolution

Virtual Classroom Spaces: Room Reservations

Workshops and Information Sessions (single-session)

Calendar of Events includes events for all faculty and instructors sponsored by various campus units, including:

Faculty Seminar
FAST3 (Faculty and Staff Technology Training Team) workshops
Teaching Academies
CITES Academic Technology Services
Center for Teaching Excellence workshops for gradstudents and faculty

Writing Across the Curriculum

Writing Groups for Faculty