Multimedia Archive

Innovative Teaching at Illinois:  A Forum for Faculty  9/30/2009
Experiential Learning: Near, Far, and on a Shoe String  3/29/2010
Situated Learning: A Workshop with Jean Lave   3/31/2010
Teaching to Multiple Learners: Creating an Inclusive Learning Environment   4/5/2010
Opportunities and Challenges of Online Learning    4/30/2010

Faculty Mentoring Series 2010 - 2011
         Applying for Research Grants  spring 2011 
         How Departments Work    spring 2011
         Promotion and Tenure    fall 2010

Distinguished Teacher Scholar projects
        Achieving More with Less - Kelly Tappenden, 2011 - 2012
               Team-Based Learning, Stephanie Ceman
               Time-efficient Assignments and Peer Projects that Inspire Learning, Mary-Ann Winkelmes
         Past years' honorees

Mid-Career Faculty Series  2010-2011

CITES/ATS Archives
        Teaching and Learning with Technology series
        Academic Technology Services Brown Bag series

Teaching with Technology Brown Bag series

Transformations: Research and Teaching in the Digital Age
        Fall 2011 session videos

Summit on Online Education, October 31, 2011 November 1, 2012                    

Copyright in the Classroom, October 28, 2011    

How 21st-century Learners Change College Teaching, April 6, 2012
        Distinguished Teacher-Scholar series event